Why the Front?

There are many ethical and moral business decisions that come across the desks of Public Relations executives on a weekly, and even daily basis. Some of them are easy to decide the correct choice, some not so much. Recently, the use of fake companies funded by a more public company used to secretly promote products from the parent organization have become popular in the Public Relations field. This is known as using a “front.” A front group, essentially is an organization or company that stands to represent one idea or belief, but in actuality serves to promote another parties interest with little to no mention of the association “sponsoring” them. The biggest case recently is Peter Pitts from the popular firm Porter Novelli launching front groups to discredit and build support against Healthcare reforms, while being hired on to support Obamacare’s healthcare plans. Building front groups is incredibly unethical in the PR field due to the secrete nature of the plans. It’s essentially misleading and persuading consumers, without boldly lying to their face about a certain product or policy. If the companies involved in using fronts were honest about the client they represent, the business would be just as good, and leave less skepticism to its public viewers.






About jjmerc

Senior Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University. Brother in Delta Chi Fraternity.
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