International Public Relations

For most of us, college is a very confusing thing to figure out at first. Who should my friends be, where should I live, what should I do, and most importantly, what am I going to do with my life? After three major changes, I finally settled down on Public Relations. Why public relations? That’s simple, there’s no math! Along with the lack of algebraic formulas to memorize, another key reason I chose PR was due greatly in part to my people skills, I felt like Public Relations was the place I could make best use of that. Within Public Relations, I am most interested in going into the International Public Relations field. International PR deals greatly with building bonds and relationships with large and small companies outside of the United States, or companies that are based internationally, with offices in the country. This appeals to me because I have always been a fan of international business, working with executives around the world, and helping to network and expand businesses on a large scale international level. Working for an international PR firm, or international company based in America would be ideal. The option to be able to be called at random, and be told I needed to pack my bags and catch a flight to Dubai or Saudi Arabia on a complete whim for a day or two to take care of a situation is the kind of field and excitement I would love in a career path. I like the business-to-business aspect of International PR as well, rather than Business to Consumer. Building and developing strong international ties with other businesses on a large scale is better suited for what I would like to do. International Public Relations is a great opportunity to take quick trips to various locations around the world, while getting paid!



About jjmerc

Senior Public Relations major at Georgia Southern University. Brother in Delta Chi Fraternity.
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