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Sarah Kelley’s Blog Post Week 2

It took me a long time to catch onto the Twitter craze, and once I did, I was really confused as to why exactly I liked it. After awhile I realized how easy it was to follow my friends, favorite public figures, and even the news outlets I like best. As you know, I dropped off the “Twitter” world for awhile as well, it just got annoying and too much to handle. After a few months away, I realized why I previously enjoyed it so much! I agree with you, I love seeing all the funny things that go on throughout the day, or even whats going on around campus thats fun to go look at. Happy Tweeting Sarah!

Jake Rainey- Pinterest

Jake, I’m with you all the way on this. I have seen girls I’m friends with literally waste away HOURS of a day on Pinterest doing nothing more than “Repinning” some “cute” clothes that they will never by, hairstyles they’ll never have time to do, or food they’ll never actually make. All for what? There is much better things to be doing with your day, week, and life than wasting it away creating a world full of unrealistic expectations day in and day out. If I had to venture a guess I would say the average girls probably spends a solid 3-5 hours a day on their “board” that can be spent on much more productive things.

Taylor Sullivan- Event Planning

Taylor,I think it’s awesome that you want to do event planning! You’re a natural for it and everything you described seemed like it’s right up your ally. I have attended an event that you planned, and all I have to say is wow! It was amazingly well coordinated and planned, a great surprise, and a LOT of fun. Even though a few things happened to make it a bit..well…short lasting, you handled the crisis that did occur in a very professional manor, and everyone still seemed to have a blast! I think event planning is probably one of the most rewarding and fun career paths that a Public Relations practitioner could do and I think you would be perfect for it!

Allison Walthall- Concerts and Movies

Word of mouth really does help get things like how good a movie is, or upcoming concerts (no matter how big) out and about. I have seen Dirty GA Brew a few times in Statesboro just because friends have mentioned going to see them and said they were fun. I also went and saw Eric Church in Savannah but had no idea he was even playing until a brother of mine mentioned going. Word of mouth is a HUGE aspect of Public Relations, which is why having a good reputation is crucial.

Lauren Creel- Topic Of The Week 1

Lauren I started off just like you in college. I was all about being a marketing major. As I started getting into the marketing, accounting, and mainly econ and math classes I quickly learned that the business school was not for me. The first few PR classes I took, I felt right at home at and quickly caught on to everything, it felt right! I’m glad I’m not the only one who did that and felt that way! Its reassuring.

Christina Wolf- Facebook

I agree with you completely on the Facebook. I use my Facebook constantly, all day. It helps so much to stay in touch with people, plan out your schedule, and just make life easy. It’s more than just a social media tool in my opinion. I can find out everything I need right on my phone and it just makes life easy! I agree that it is the most effective social media platform as well. It allows you to keep intouch with everyone from  your past, and really helps keep you connected. The only downside is that employers will heavily look at it and judge you! I agree, keep it clean and everything will be just fine.

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Why the Front?

There are many ethical and moral business decisions that come across the desks of Public Relations executives on a weekly, and even daily basis. Some of them are easy to decide the correct choice, some not so much. Recently, the use of fake companies funded by a more public company used to secretly promote products from the parent organization have become popular in the Public Relations field. This is known as using a “front.” A front group, essentially is an organization or company that stands to represent one idea or belief, but in actuality serves to promote another parties interest with little to no mention of the association “sponsoring” them. The biggest case recently is Peter Pitts from the popular firm Porter Novelli launching front groups to discredit and build support against Healthcare reforms, while being hired on to support Obamacare’s healthcare plans. Building front groups is incredibly unethical in the PR field due to the secrete nature of the plans. It’s essentially misleading and persuading consumers, without boldly lying to their face about a certain product or policy. If the companies involved in using fronts were honest about the client they represent, the business would be just as good, and leave less skepticism to its public viewers.



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International Public Relations

For most of us, college is a very confusing thing to figure out at first. Who should my friends be, where should I live, what should I do, and most importantly, what am I going to do with my life? After three major changes, I finally settled down on Public Relations. Why public relations? That’s simple, there’s no math! Along with the lack of algebraic formulas to memorize, another key reason I chose PR was due greatly in part to my people skills, I felt like Public Relations was the place I could make best use of that. Within Public Relations, I am most interested in going into the International Public Relations field. International PR deals greatly with building bonds and relationships with large and small companies outside of the United States, or companies that are based internationally, with offices in the country. This appeals to me because I have always been a fan of international business, working with executives around the world, and helping to network and expand businesses on a large scale international level. Working for an international PR firm, or international company based in America would be ideal. The option to be able to be called at random, and be told I needed to pack my bags and catch a flight to Dubai or Saudi Arabia on a complete whim for a day or two to take care of a situation is the kind of field and excitement I would love in a career path. I like the business-to-business aspect of International PR as well, rather than Business to Consumer. Building and developing strong international ties with other businesses on a large scale is better suited for what I would like to do. International Public Relations is a great opportunity to take quick trips to various locations around the world, while getting paid!


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Hello world!

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